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                         Custom Mandalas

Susan Warner Studio will consider making a mandala to fit any project, and any idea! Perfect for a personalized gift. Perfect fit for a CD cover. Great for illustration concepts. All you need is an idea or subject that you think would make an interesting mandala design. If you have a personal photo, or permission to use a photo, the artist will consider the possibilities using that image as well. If you would like a mandala made but are not sure what theme to use, the artist can help determine a perfect fit. See samples below.


For Individuals:


Susan Warner Studio will provide one high quality laser print of the finished work.

One laser print: $150.00 plus shipping, and 8.75% sales tax for CA residents.

Prints will be the same type and quality as the other prints offered on this site:

11x11 inch paper size, approximately 10 inch image size, heavy acid free paper stock, unframed. Smaller sizes or additional prints possible if required. The artist retains copyright and reproduction rights.

Email Susan Warner Studio for further details.


For Illustration Work:


Consider a mandala for unique imagery, any theme is possible! Or use existing mandalas on this site for your project. Susan Warner Studio will provide digital images in the required file type. Contract and licensing details negotiable.

Email Susan Warner Studio


Examples of Custom Orders:


A customer saw my local art exhibit, and thought the mandala idea might be an interesting addition to his growing collection of currency art. He requested a mandala made from a hundred dollar bill. I was intrigued by the challenge of making a mandala out of money. I showed him some ideas, and he ended up purchasing two different designs. The $100 bills were crumpled and deliberately folded before scanning, creating some symbolism within the designs. See what you can discover by looking at this close up. (Hint: the title is "The Test of America").



Test of America 1        Test of America 2

      Click thumbnails for larger view.

These mandalas are now available to purchase, see order page.

Another customer saw a local exhibit, and had an idea after seeing my musical instrument mandalas. She decided a mandala would be a special gift for her daughter going off to college. Her daughter plays the harp, which seemed like the ideal theme. I went and took digital photos of her two harps, and was able to combine them into one mandala design. It also included in the center, a repeating image of a sandpiper from one of the harps.

  Harp Mandala


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