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             Art Gallery Gift Items and Apparel


Now you can order gift items, all beautifully printed with Susan Warner Studio images! The selection includes decorative tiles and tile boxes, clocks, pillows, cards, stickers, pins and magnets, mugs, ornaments, and a great variety of 2014 calendars.

Please place orders through the Mandala Gallery Shop directly. Do not order through the CafePress Marketplace which can be more costly. Thank you!

See below for more information about ordering from CafePress, and current special offers.

                          Come visit the Mandala Gallery Shop!


Each thumbnail image below links to a section of the Gallery Shop with items decorated with that image. The buttons at left links back to the Susan Warner Studio gallery pages.

Click an image below to go to a section of the CafePress Gallery Shop.



                               2014 Wall Calendars


2014 Mandala Wall Calendars are here! These 12 page calendars will only be offered through CafePress at this time, which makes them very unique gifts. They will only be available in the Mandala Gallery Shop.



2014 Nature Calendars are here! Lake Champlain area calendars show the beauty of the north.



 2015 Color Calendars- coming soon! They look amazing, with color gradients behind prints. They make lovely gifts. Size 11x17. They will be available in many mandala designs. Other mandala calendars are also available with a white background. All are available in the Mandala Gallery Shop. Choose the design you like, and look in the stationary section.




   Nature Themes

African Daisy Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Butterfly Floral Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Cactus Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Hydrangea Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

African Daisy Mandala

Butterfly Floral Mandala

Cactus Mandala

Hydrangea Mandala





Leaves and Tendrils Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Sunflower and Bee Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Lily Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

 Lake Reflection Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Leaves & Tendrils Mandala

Sunflower & Bee Mandala

Lily Mandala

 Lake Reflection Mandala





Peace Mandalas








Display an image of peace on prints and gift items. Peace is so needed throughout the world, every person counts in spreading the word!





Peace Ripples Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Peace Petals Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Peace Rosette Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Peace Rock Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Peace Ripples Mandala

Peace Petals Mandala

 Peace Rosette Mandala

Peace Rock Mandala

Peace sign over lake ripples, sand, and rocks.

   Peace sign over     flower petals.

 Peace sign over succulent plant.

  Peace sign over  coastal cliff rocks.





Industrial Themes








 Truck Trailer Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Rusty Can Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop



Truck Trailer Mandala

Rusty Can Mandala







Musical Instruments








Bass Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop

Steel Guitar Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop



Bass Mandala

Steel Guitar Mandala

 Jazz Guitar Mandala






Other Themes








White Horse Mandala Art Gallery Gift Shop




White Horse Mandala













Ceramic Keepsakes - New ceramic keepsake ornaments, to display year round. Available in most mandala designs. Just click on CafePress Shop thumbnails above.


                         is a website which prints images on all sorts of items. Many artists use this service to sell unique gift items to their customers. CafePress takes orders, prints the items, handles customer service, and ships the items to customers. I expect all my customers to have excellent buying experiences. You can feel free to email me for a prompt response to any questions you may have before or after placing an order. Email Susan Warner Studio

Here are some buying tips :

Colors you see on your monitor may vary a little from colors printed on CafePress items.

Tiles are very pretty, images are slightly fuzzy but very vibrant. Keep out of direct sunlight. Tiles may still contain some moisture content. Do not place on nice wood surfaces for a while because they can develop condensation underneath.

Shipping - The Economy shipping option can sometimes be slower than their estimated times, depending on your location. Cafepress prints on demand, and my experience is that they print and then ship within a very reasonable time frame when using the other shipping choices. The Economy shipping choice can be a good option to save on shipping costs.

Help - CafePress has a help page, and a toll free number for any customer service questions: cafepress help      1-877-809-1659

Customer service has been very good in my experience. Calling will get much faster results than emailing.






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Happy Shopping!

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